In 1977 singer songwriter Ronnie Mayor teams up with lead guitarist John Hole to form the punk band Tours. With the addition of Steve Jeff(bass) and Mark  Spiers on drums they set about creating their own sound. Establishing their own venue at the Brewers Arms Poole and recording their early demos recorded in Arnys Shack. 1979 After 1 1/2 years in the band John Hole leaves and the replacement guitarist Richard Smith Mazda joins. 6 months later it was all over....however the band managed to record at Misty Studio ( check out the juke box) tour the UK and release one of John Peel's all time favourite records 'Language School' b/w 'Foreign Girls'recorded at Spaceward Studios in Cambridgeshire which Peel plays 50 nights in a row. Sign an eye watering£225,000 six-album deal for Virgin Records and songwriters Ronnie Mayor and Richard Mazda are proclaimed “the punk Lennon-McCartney”.

1980 ~ After the Tours split Ronnie and John re-grouped to form Power Pop band Da Biz with Ian Sandy (bass) Nick Buckle (drums). They recorded at Rockfield Studios and released a single on Ronnies own label Small Operations produced by Pat Moran 'On the Beach' b/w 'This is no audition' received good radio play thanks to Mike Parkers efforts. They also recorded some excellent tracks at Misty studios ( see juke box ) Tiring of the 'buzz saw ' guitar sound Ronnie and Ian threw the doors of the rehearsal room open and expanded the band into BIZ INTERNATIONALE with Ian Sandy (bass) Nick Buckle (drums), Paul Beavis (percussion) Bob harder (keyboards) + assorted Purbeck Horns they became one of the best local live bands. Recording at Misty Studios ( see juke box ) and signing to Warner Bros lead to the release of the single Stay True b/w Just a thought of a Love affair.

1981 - All four tracks from Tours and Da Biz re-surface on 'The Apprentices Dance' compilation album of Dorset based bands including in addition Contacts and Surfin Dave, recorded at Misty Studios ( see juke box ) and Paul Chambers (former singer of 7even), Hollows and Cava Cava. Financed and compiled by Ronnie under the name 'Small Operations' the album was distributed in America in 1981 by New Jersey based Sounds Interesting Records.

1981 - Ronnie Mayor releases solo pop anthem 'Can't wait till the summer comes' b/w 'Holiday Theme' on 'Do It' Records. Recorded at Rockfield Studios and produced by Pat Moran and John David, again receiving great air play courtesy of Mr Parker.

1983 - Having been sacked from Biz Internationale Ronnie returns to the 24 track MISTY STUDIO with various Biz band members and producer Mark Eden to record further unreleased 24 track masters including 'Stranded' (co-written with Blue Rondo's Chris Sullivan ) featuring stunning guitar from legendary local guitar hero Paul Stacey and a great brass arrangement from the Purbeck Horns ( see juke box ) before exiling himself to Australia to clean windows to supplement a career as a club DJ.

2004 ~ After 20 years away Ronnie returns to UK to play a comeback gig backed by Peter Christie & Conrad Barr at the Blue Boar pub in Poole ~ READ MORE

2018 ~ Ronnie Mayor & John Hole (in response from an approach from Mark, Steve & Richard ) reform TOURS for a one-off gig at the King Charles pub in Poole supported by Surfin' Dave and Pete Christie ~ READ A REVIEW OF THE GIG HERE

 Scroll down to the Misty Studio Jukebox to listen to all tracks)

Band :Tours ~ Track : She Said / Love on the Rebound
Recorded and mixed at Misty Studio.
Produced by Mark Eden. ~ June/July  1979
Ronnie Mayor ~ Lead vocal, rhythm guitar, writer
Mark Spiers ~ Drums
Steve Jeff ~ Bass
Richard Mazda ~ Lead Guitar

Band : Da Biz ~ Domestic Appliances
Recorded and mixed at Misty Studio.
Produced by Mark Eden. ~ January 1980
Ronnie Mayor ~ Lead vocal, rhythm guitar, writer
Paul Beavis ~ Drums
Ian Sandy ~  Bass, b.vox
John Hole ~ Lead Guitar
Steve Ennever ~ Keyboards
Martin Bradford ~ Sax

Band : Biz Internationale ~ Track : Ambition
Recorded at Farmyard studio + Overdubs and mixing by Mark Eden at Misty Studio.1983
Ronnie Mayor ~ Lead vocal, rhythm guitar, writer
Nicky Buckle ~ Drums
Paul Beavis ~ Percussion
Ian Sandy ~ Bass, b. vox
Bob Harder ~ Keyboards
Graham Millman ~ Trumpet
Martin Bradford ~ Sax
Dave Hutton ~ Trombone
Paul Stacey ~ Lead guitar over dubs
Steve Ennever ~ Keyboard overdubs
Adrienne Loehry ~ B. vox

Artist : Ronnie Mayor ~ Track : Stranded / Hungry Night
Recorded and mixed at Misty Studio.
Produced by Ronnie Mayor / Mark Eden 1983
Ronnie Mayor ~ Lead vocal, rhythm guitar, writer with Chris Sullivan
Mark Eden ~ Drum programming
Paul Beavis ~ Percussion
Steve Ennever ~ Bass, Keyboards
Adrienne Loehry ~ B vox
Martin Bradford ~ Sax


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