'The Portal'
The Big Hitters (& the Near Misses)

Many Bournemouth bands passing through the hallowed 'Misty Studio' portal 
 went on to achieve significant record releases and major publishing deals.

Many are still with us in 2020 but sadly some of our brothers in arms
 were not so fortunate so lest we forget  .....


Steve Ennever Mike Parker  Cava Cava  Seven
Micky Fudge Prima Voice  Pete Christie  Hit Men / Luther / Zen
Tours / Biz Internationale feat. Ronnie Mayor Talkies / Cosmetics
feat. Richard Mazda 
Martian Schoolgirls John Priestley a.k.a. Cliff Edge
7even  Mike Shepstone Ricki & The Cufflinks  Dancing in English
Tino Licinio      
Nigel Hopkins a.k.a. Krakamaraka Butcher  /Unrest Work & Play Ray Foster / Manhattan Slide / Raw Deal

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The shakers , the makers, the movers and the groovers
Names you may not necessarily be familiar with but who contributed immeasurably to
the foundations upon which the Bournemouth Music Scene was built

Mick Harber ~ Coaster Magazine (Harriett, Jules, Trevann , Ledger , Roger and Andy)
 Nick Churchill ~ Tony Arnold ~ Dave Foster ~ Don Strike Music ~ Eddie Moors Music



This website streams works of intellectual property owned exclusively by the writers and bands featured on this site purely for posterity and the sake of the fans that probably never got to hear and enjoy their recorded output at the time. There was no interweb in those days and if your single didn't make the 'charts' then in the words of Roy Batty 'All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain'.  Should any artist object to the inclusion of their recorded work(s) on this site on legal or ethical grounds it can and will be instantly removed ~ niet problemo .
In studio speak ~ If you have a problem with anyone hearing your music after 40 years just drop me a line guv'


Steve Ennever  ~ Keyboard & Bass player, freelance engineer & in house producer at Misty studio

It's hard to overstate the role of STEVE ENNEVER in the history of the both Misty studio and my own career as a working musician. Having been in numerous bands together including an ambitious stab at the American AOR market via my band BORDELLO .

BORDELLO ~ L/R Steve Ennever / Paul Taylor / John Butcher / a 'Loose Woman' / Mark Eden / Graham Sears

We once spent four months as the house band Summer Madness at a well known Jersey nightspot (Les Arches) and turned the dressing room into a recording studio where we would lay down original disco orientated songs by day .

SUMMER MADNESS ~ L/R  Graham Sears (Bass) Tom Easby (Vox)  Mark Eden (Gtr) Steve Ennever (keyboards) Ross Elliott (Drums)

WHERE ARE THEY NOW ~ Always a phenomenally talented musical visionary STEVE ENNEVER is still producing great music as a writer and free lance producer. He also has a large online presence and is an extremely vocal social commentator on Twitter where he continues to be  'Repulsed by Propaganda, Bias and Drivel' and has over 1000 followers.

FOLLOW Steve Ennever@MusicMiscreant on TWITTER

Scroll the Misty Studio Jukebox to listen to 2 x tracks by STEVE ENNEVER

Steve Ennever and Mark Eden not only collaborated on numerous recording projects (many of which are listed below in more detail) but he also engineered sessions most evenings for several years whilst I was gigging 6 nights a week as a member of CASABLANCA at the Quarterdeck ~ a council run music bar next to Bournemouth pier (now a Harry Ramsden Fish & Chip restaurant).

CASABLANCA ~ Mike Piggot (bass) Pete Brown (drums) Tino Licinio (vox/guitar) Mark Eden (guitar/keys)

CASABLANCA ~ Mark Eden (Guitar & Keyboards) Peter Brown (drums) Mike Piggott (bass) Tino Licinio (lead Vox & Guitar) ~ approx. 1980 Live at the Quarterdeck show bar (adjacent to Bournemouth Pier)

WHERE ARE THEY NOW ? ~ Mike Piggott died of carbon monoxide poisoning from a faulty heater at his home in Spain. Tino Licinio died of lung cancer . Pete Brown in poor health but still alive (and playing the occasional gig) as far as I'm aware

MIKE PARKER ~ Promoter & Band Manager

Before we get to those with stars in their eyes it has to be said Matthew that without Mike Parker, Bournemouth  would undoeubtedly have been an infinitely poorer music scene. Mike had served in the military but loved music so much he blew his army pension in pursuit of  discovering and guiding the careers of both Swanage based Cava Cava and Seven ~ TWO of Bournemouth's most successful  bands . In partnership with Mick Harber (manager of Setchfields Records) he also ran the 'Upstairs at Erics' music venue on the top floor of the multi storey car park in Glenfern Road. The following listing from 1983-1984 gives some idea of the platform the venue provided not only for 'established' bands like Prefab Sprout but also  for up and coming local bands many of whom are referenced elsewhere on this website

Tones On Tail     Amazulu          Prefab Sprout      Checkpoint      Play For Today     Dancing In English     Rhino Jive
31 May 1984     4 May 1984      13 Feb 1984        7 Jan 1984       6 Jan 1984             24 Dec 1983                23 Dec 198

Micky Fudge ~ Mark Eden ~ Mike Parker enjoying a few birthday sherberts in 1993

HERE ARE THEY NOW ? ~ Sadly Mike Parker died of Leukaemia in the late eighties and I (Mark Eden)  along with a multitude of musos attended his cremation in Poole and wake at a pub in Wimborne. RIP Mike ~ Gone but not forgotten my old mucker ...

ADDENDUM ~ Gavin Underhill also has a wonderful overview of the Midnight Express 'alternative' Club that existed above the chip shop in St Swithuns Road near Bournemouth Station and was run by Mick Tarrant and Louis O'Mara  who also ran Armadillo Records and the Comix book shop  just round the corner from the studio in Queens Road and a stone's throw from the COASTER MAGAZINE offices in Westbourne . I remember vividly the first time I ever saw Ronnie Mayor and the raucous Biz Internationale gig there but check out the link above for a joyous trip down memory lane.

BUTCHER ~comprised Sid (vox) Dave (Guitar) Col (Bass) Rob (Drums)

Notable and included by virtue of being the first ever Misty Studio recording to find its way onto vinyl . Recorded 1982


~ comprising Andy (vox, drums, percussion & tapes) Chris (vox guitars drones percussion & tapes)

6 x tracks pressed on 12" vinyl recorded at Misty Studio April 1982


Other Major Contributors to local music scene

MICK HARBER (Manager of Setchfields record shop in Bournemouth and co-managed Upstairs at Erics with Mike Parker as well as masterminding the band 7even)


COASTER MAGAZINE  inc. Harriet Jones, Jules Kenyon, Trevann Fanthorpe, Ledger de la Bald, Roger Eede and Photographer Andy Mills without whom the 'Eighties' music scene in Bournemouth simply would not have existed ! . Read more about COASTER MAGAZINE on Gavin Underhill's website

Pic : The Misty Studio / Coaster compilations sampler cassette

Nick Churchill ~  Copy writer for the Bournemouth Evening Echo in the 80's on all things music and more still a freelance scribe  after all these years still contributes regular articles to Dorset Life magazine

READ MORE AT  https://www.nickchurchill.org.uk/

Tony Arnold

Proprietor of 'Arnie's Shack' studio in Parkstone. Many of Misty (the band) 8 track demos were recorded at the old Apollo Close site (yes the one in Tony's garage) prior to securing the Polydor record deal and prior to Tony relocating to the Penn Hill 'Sausage Factory' where the likes of Andy Summers and Robert Fripp would subsequently record and remaster back catalogue. Tony Arnold relocated to France many years ago but died around August 2018.

There's a fabulous  story on Nick Churchills website about how the Animals first heard and learned their legendary hit 'House of the Rising Sun' from Tony Arnold following a gig at the Bure Club in Mudeford. Not many people know that...

WHERE ARE THEY NOW  ? Tony Arnold relocated to France many years ago. Died around August 2018.

David Le Neve Foster ~ Resident BBC trained engineer & producer at the 'Music Room' studio in Canford Cliffs (his Mum's living room) ~ also freelanced as engineer for Mark Eden at Misty in the 24 track era


Studio 95 ~ Run by Chas & CLaudette Evans and rapidly latterly expanded from 4 to a 16 track studio . Claudette's website features a music clip from Danze Frakcha with synth contributed by none other than Gavin Underhill !

Don Strike Music, Westbourne Arcade. Bournemouth

Pic : Tony Arnold & Bev Strike      

Don's son Bev outside the shop

In the illustrious company of  Robert Fripp & Greg Lake I (Mark Eden) took  guitar lessons from Don Strike in the Sixties and I remember Don's wife Renee and son Bev (who both continued to manage the shop after Don's death) with great affection. INTERVIEW WITH ROBERT FRIPP WHERE HE MENTIONS HIS 'MUSIC' TEACHER DON STRIKE. Founded in 1920 the 'Don Strike Music Emporium' is still open astoundingly and run by Bev's son (Don's grandson). Now that's what you call a family business.

SEE 'MY FIRST AXE' ~ Purchased from the Don Strike Emporium in 1961

Eddie Moors Music Boscombe ~ Run by Eddie Moors Snr and latterly by Eddie Moors Jnr (himself a keyboard and synth guru) . Eddie Jr. was exceedingly supportive of Misty Studio and once extended interest free credit on a 1000 string synth purchased for the studio (a Korg) on condition I repaid the debt at 100 per month. The shop was at the forefront of selling keyboards and synths . A real Gentleman, Eddie Moors Jr. recorded at Misty Studio with Marc Long under the pseudonym 'Camera 35'. First incorporated in 1961 the Eddie Moors Music shop finally ceased trading in 2009 but ....


THEY ALSO SERVED  ~ Gavin Underhill has completed a very thorough and comprehensive list of recordings by Bournemouth Bands on his COFFIN-DODGER RENEGADES website  and contains listings of recordings at several other studios so it's not my intention to re-invent that particular wheel however the list on the STUDIO SESSION LOG page whilst not definitive has been compiled exclusively from info from the Misty studio archives of tracks that still exist albeit in cassette form only a number of which were tracks contributed to the Misty Studio / Coaster magazine's collaboration in 1982 which resulted in the 'Low Noise High Output' sampler cassette compilation of local bands.