So, I thought I'd laugh in the face of COVID 19 'lockdown' by unlocking the Misty studio archive's ... like some mystical musical Pandora's box.  I then set about creating this website as a nostalgic chronicle of the revered singers, songwriters, bands, and creative talent that passed through the hallowed Misty Studio portals in Norwich Avenue during its early Eighties heyday. I dug deep into the Misty studio archives and figured if no one is interested,  well it kept me amused and justified keeping all this memorabilia for so long. Although music has to be the message I'm also a believer in Fred R. Barnard's 1920  adage that 'a picture is worth a thousand words' so whilst the images on the site do the talking the music will be providing the soundtrack

Where shall I begin, said the White Rabbit. “Begin at the beginning,” the King said gravely, “and go on till you come to the end: then stop.” Well I was actively involved in Music from the age of 18 (1970) when I joined a local professional working band called 'Mystic Tangent' until I parted company with John Parr after 'musical differences' in 1990. Those 20 years were a blur. But they were also the most exciting 20 years of my life so I sincerely hope if you were involved in the Bournemouth music scene in that period you'll find something to interest you during your visit. By its very nature this site and the 'MISTY JUKEBOX' feature is destined to become a permanent 'Work in Progress' so you are cordially invited to  explore, comment and  contribute to the site.

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ADDITIONAL CREDITS ~ The creation of this site was very much inspired by the comprehensive research and exhaustive compilation of data and personnel undertaken by GAVIN UNDERHILL that has been available online since at least 2008 via his COFFIN-DODGER RENEGADES website. It covers the Bournemouth Beat scene from 1978-1988 and contains not only dozens of links to the artists he references nut also 59 second clips of their music.

Over the years Gavin has also liased closely with NICK CHURCHILL at the Evening Echo to help keep the Bournemouth music flag flying. In addition he also shines a much deserved light on the sterling work of 'COASTER MAGAZINE' which was  instrumental in both the growth of Misty Studio and the Bournemouth Music scene in general between its 8 track launch in 1981 and its sad demise 3 years later in 1984.

John Cherry who recorded at Misty Studio as part of a duo called 'Deuce' with John Kelham has a fascinating online blog with detailed research into the 'Bournemouth Beat Boom' of the 60's and apart from compiling overviews of the careers of local  luminaries such as Robert Fripp has meticulously documented not only every single Bournemouth band in existence but also when and where they played. Check it out at ~ A must read !!